Masturbation and vaginal touching is not beneficial every time, Read Now


Vaginal stimulation or masturbation is enjoyable, no doubt. It also increases your sexual response. But there is another aspect of this coin as well. If you understand the texture of your vulva, then you will know that your clitoris is the most sensitive and stimulating organ. The job of this organ is to excite you. According to experts, with the help of the clit, you can stimulate yourself sexually and also get an orgasm. But the thing to know along with this is that your clit is very sensitive. If you become very harsh while arising it, it can cause serious damage. Here are the 5 serious consequences that can result from excessive stimulating the clit:

Masturbation and vaginal touching  is not beneficial every time, Read Now

1. Vaginal infection

According to Dr Gandhali Devarukkar Pillai, consultant gynecologist and obstetrician at Wockhard Hospital in Mumbai, highly stimulating the clit, especially with tools such as vibrators, Not good for you. This increases the likelihood of cuts and bruises around the vagina. Swelling can also occur when an injury occurs. Infections are also exposed to bacteria and fungus due to injury.Infections caused by vagina can be dangerous, the right treatment is needed. Figure: Shutterstock.

2. Urinary tract infection.

Touching the clit with a dirty hand or vibrator also increases the risk of urinary tract infection. The clit is very close to your urinary opening so there is a great risk of bacteria spreading. She explains, ‘In such a situation there is burning and pain when urinating.

‘ 3. Vagina may have dryness problem


According to Dr. Pillai, when you rub your clit, the sweat holes of that part, ie, sweat glands start working. Repeatedly these pores close, causing the vagina to dry. It can also cause inflammation.

4. Sexual dysfunction

Dr. Pillai explains, ‘When you put more pressure on an organ, it reduces working. The same goes with your clit. Many veins end up in the clit. This is why this organ is so sensitive. It can stop working if these nerves are repeatedly pierced. Which reduces libido. ‘Excessive masturbation can also reduce the desire to have sex

Masturbation and vaginal touching is not beneficial every time, Read Now

. 5. Pain during sex

If you over-stimulate your clit, you may get hurt. This condition is called dysperunia. In such a situation, your genitals have a lot of pain during or after sex. So ladies, take care not to over-stimulate your clit during masturbation.


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