Mathura’s ‘addicted’ rats ate 581 kg of ganja, Mathura police’s report also troubled the court, know the

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Unbelievable news has come out from the Mathura court that in the report presented in the court of ADJ VII, the Mathura police has said that the rats had eaten the consignment of 581 kg of cannabis recovered from the police station Shergarh and the highway. The judges were also surprised to hear this. He has ordered to present his evidence in the court by 26 November. Also instructed to save SSP from rats.

Mathura Police specializes in making snakes out of rope. Now such an action of the police has come to the fore, which even the court was surprised to hear. Mathura police said that the seized 581 kg ganja has been kept at Shergarh police station and Highway police station. It has been shown in the report that rats have eaten this cannabis. At the same time, the report of ADJ VII has been submitted in the court.

Even the judges were stunned to see this report. The court of ADJ VII has ordered both the station in-charges to present the evidence of the case in the court. Along with this, SSP has been instructed to protect against rats.

386 kg of ganja was kept in the Shergarh police station of Mathura. In 2018, the police seized 195 kg of ganja on the police station highway. During the hearing, the AJ Seventh Court ordered the officials of Shergarh police station to present the sealed packets of cannabis in the court.

Evidence will have to be presented in the court by November 26

In the report submitted to the court in-charge of Shergarh and Highway police post, it has been said that the cannabis kept in the godown has been eaten by the rats. Some of the grown marijuana is thrown away. When the in-charge of both the outposts gave such reports to the court, the court ordered them to appear with evidence on 26 November.

Now it has to be seen whether the police station Shergarh and the highway police are able to present evidence in the court in this case or not, although the matter of rats eating 581 kg of cannabis has become a topic of discussion in the area.

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