Maulana Mufti, her husband used to call Sana Khan as sister, the former actress told the whole truth in the video


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There are many actresses who have said goodbye to the world of films after marriage. She has her own reasons, due to which she keeps distance from films. One of these actresses is Sana Khan. Let us tell you that Sana Khan has been acting since childhood. But now she has said goodbye to the film world. Former actress Sana Khan and her husband Maulana Anas Saeed are in a lot of news these days.

The reason for this is a video of former actress Sana Khan going viral on social media. Let us tell you that in this video going viral, Sana is seen addressing Islamic gatherings. At the same time, Sana Khan tells the people present there how she left Bollywood and what her husband Anas used to call her earlier.

Sana Khan said in this video, ‘You will not believe that Anas used to call me sister in the beginning. And now whenever I think about it, I laugh a lot. When he met me, he was saying Ji Behen, Ji Behen and I was also calling him Ji Maulana, Ji Maulana. Little did I know that he would become my life partner. This video of the former actress is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

One user wrote, ‘Listen, first called the sister and then became a husband. Can love be called sister? If given the status of a sister, how can one see someone through the eyes of a husband? I don’t have any complaints about them. Another user wrote, “If a sister of the industry comes on the right path, then more sisters will benefit. Does this mean that girls in the industry are on the wrong track? The other’s sister is only on the face.”

A user named Lokesh wrote, “You will not believe that in the beginning I was called sister. Sana Khan, which relationship is this? A few days ago, a video of Anas also went viral on YouTube, in which he is telling. Video about sana khan.

In the video, Anas had told that he used to call Sana Khan as sister earlier. Some more such videos of Maulana Anas went viral, in which he was seen narrating stories of his and marriage in the Islamic procession, he told how he married Sana Khan.

By the way, let us tell you that along with the entry in Bollywood, Sana Khan was having an affair with famous choreographer Melvin Lewis. Both were in a relationship with each other for a long time, however, later they broke up.

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