Memory booster: Children’s brain will become super brain, follow these 6 amazing

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Memory booster: Memory starts decreasing with age. But this problem has become very common in children too. They start forgetting small things. They do not remember the assignments given in school (memory booster). Such a problem is also common in puberty i.e. people of all ages are facing this problem, but have you ever wondered why it happens? We will try to understand it (memory and concentration).

Memory booster: Why is memory getting weak?

The main reason for this is considered to be the lack of nutrients in the body. Sometimes a head injury also makes it difficult to remember things. Sometimes due to some terrible disease it happens that we start forgetting things. It is not good to ignore this kind of problem. Try to get rid of it immediately when you see its symptoms. Here are some home remedies, using which you can get rid of the problem of memory loss. (memory booster)

ways to increase memory

1. Brahmi milk is considered very good for the brain. This milk helps in sharpening your memory. The best part is that it has no side effects. Boil half teaspoon Brahmi in 1 glass of milk for about 2 minutes and drink this milk daily before sleeping.

2. Drinking carrot juice with saffron increases memory power.

3. Morning exercise and walk in the open air for better memory.

4. Sirsasana, Cobra, Dhanush yoga are some of the asanas that improve blood circulation and remove amnesia.

5. Green vegetables in the diet work to increase memory.

6. Mixing dry fruits like walnuts and almonds in milk and drinking it gets rid of forgetfulness.

(Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the practices, methods or claims mentioned in the above article.
They should be taken as advice only. A doctor must be consulted before applying any such treatment/medication/diet.)

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