Meteorological Department issued alert, these states will be Heavy cold for 48 hours


New Delhi. The entire north India is vulnerable to fog and melting. Although there was a decrease in fog in many parts of the country on Sunday, but the temperature has also declined. In many places, due to cold and fog, people have been living. Visibility has reduced due to fog and trains and airlines are being affected. There is not even sunshine in many places for two days.

The Meteorological Department has also forecast a cold winter on Monday. On Tuesday, the maximum and minimum temperature will increase by one to two degrees Celsius. In addition, the winds can increase the turbidity.

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There is also a possibility of frost in many areas due to the cold winter. This can cause damage to crops. The Indian Meteorological Department has also issued an alert in seven states.

Fog and cold are going to increase both today and tomorrow, coming in 7 states of the country. According to IMD, frost may also occur in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and parts of Punjab, Rajasthan.

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