Meteorological department’s big forecast, Monsoon will reach Kerala on this date, know that it will rain in Gujarat – Suspen


Monsoon Update: All the states of the country including North India will soon get relief from the heat. Capital Delhi saw a drop in temperature due to rains in the last few days, but the weather is set to be more pleasant in a few days. In fact, IMD released an update on monsoon today.

According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), monsoon will arrive in June. Monsoon will reach Kerala around June 4 after strengthening. The IMD said monsoon is not expected to start before June 1. However, the monsoon is likely to be normal this year.

Temperatures will be higher than normal in June

According to the Meteorological Department, maximum and minimum temperatures in June are likely to be above normal in most parts of India.


The IMD also said that rainfall in June is expected to be below normal.

Rainfall in June may be 92 percent below normal.

However, this time there is a 96 percent chance of rain as per the normal monsoon forecast.

The Meteorological Department also said that despite El Nino, the monsoon is likely to be normal this time and may end by September.

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