Migration is still going on in Muzaffarnagar, people of Jain religion are leaving decades old village in Budhana, temples are al


Muzaffarnagar. Making the migration of Kairana an election issue, migration is taking place in Muzaffarnagar even under the rule of the BJP, which came to power in the country and the state, people of Jain religion are migrating from a village in Budhana area. The situation has become so far that the idol of God is also being shifted by vacating the centuries old temple from there.

Before the people of Jain society completely migrated from Hussainpur Kalan village of Budhana area and now preparations have been started to bring the idol from the Jain temple located in the village to Budhana. What will happen to the building of the temple after the idol is removed from the temple, it is still hidden in the womb of the future.

Due to the increasing politics of hatred in the country, due to the increase in the population of the same class in one area, the social fabric is getting disintegrated and it is clearly visible to us. Circumstances were such that not only humans, even God was forced to leave his place.

An incident of Hussainpur Kalan village of Thana Budhana area has become a big question in front of social harmony and administration. The balance of the population deteriorated such that earlier the people of the Jain community left the village and now the Lord Chandraprabhu Jinalaya Samosharan idols from the Jain temple will be installed in Shri Parshwanath Digambar Jain Temple of Budhana.

As the demography changed, the people of the Muslim community kept increasing in Hussainpur Kalan village with a mixed population. A time also came when there was not even a single Jain family in the village. In view of this situation, now on May 25, the idols will be brought from village Hussainpur to Budhana along with bandbaaz.

The elders of Hussainpur Kalan village say that due to the increase in other population around the temple, there was a problem in the maintenance and worship of the temple. The history of Hussainpur Kalan village is old. In the changed situation, there is no Jain family in the village despite being in the center of Jain moneylending and business activities for almost ten years. A priest looked after the worship and the temple. The arrangement of the temple built here five hundred years ago has now decreased and the condition of the temple has deteriorated. In such a situation, Lord Chandraprabhu Jinalaya Samosharan idols are being brought to Shri Parshwanath Digambar Jain Temple located in Budhana.

The old elders of the village say that earlier there was a mixed population here and all lived in great harmony. Prominent sages and scholars of Jainism used to come to the temple to visit here. Elders tell, there has been a change in Hussainpur Kalan village in the last five decades. The mixed population has gone on changing into a special community. Hussainpur Kalan, which was once the center of Jain monks, is now deserted. What will happen to the temple after the idols are installed? At the moment everyone is silent on the answer to this question.

Famous poetess Ambika Jain Ambar, who came into limelight by singing ‘Baba in UP’ in UP elections, has raised this issue on social media. Ambika is also being trolled for raising this issue. People are asking when Baba is in UP, then why this exodus?

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