Minor girl raped two boys aged 10 and 14, mother also sued in FIR. US 17 year old girl raped with 2 minor boys Mississippi


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Mississippi. Usually it is seen and heard that the girl’s or woman’s rape is done by men. Crime In this true story, a 17-year-old girl has been accused of rape. The allegation is not only of rape, but of carrying out two incidents of rape simultaneously. minor But has been accused of raping 10 and 14 year old children. According to the complaint lodged, the minor girl has carried out these two rape incidents among many children. At present, along with the accused girl, the police have also registered a case (FIR) against her mother. Let us know what is the truth inside. And how could such a young girl commit such a heinous and shameful crime with two small children in front of her?

Actually this incident is from Mississippi of America. According to the report of Daily Mail, the girl openly raped not only two children in the presence of other children. Rather, the children who took this complaint to the police and family members, later the girl got those children thrashed too. Meaning, theft of theft and stitching on top. According to the American police, the accused girl Americal first prepared a group of children on the occasion of Mother’s Day, then raped two boys aged 10 and 14 in front of the same group.

The mischief of the matter increased further when the accused girl got those children thrashed too, who exposed this shameful incident. Therefore, now in these circumstances, the case against the girl will be run in the same way as against the adult i.e. mature (adult) accused. The girl is 17 years old but still she will not be given any concession and she will not be prosecuted under the law made for minors.

The daughter raped two boys each. When this matter came to light, the mother of the accused girl also formed a group of children. And the mother along with her daughter also got the complainant children beaten up severely. Because of this, now the police have registered a case against the mother of the accused girl as well. It has been alleged that he has helped in the crime committed by the daughter, but he also got the complainant children attacked by hatching a well-planned conspiracy. Now the next hearing of this matter is on 8 June 2023.

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