Mobile falls in the water ? No need to Panic , do these steps immediately


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In today’s time, if there is something for all of us that has become very important, even more than our food and our own additions, then you all will have the same answer, smartphone.  Now, when you will keep the phone so much sticking to yourself that you will take it to the bathroom too, then at some time it can happen to you that your phone may fall into the water. It really hurts a lot, maybe even more painful than if any bone of your body is broken.

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This is because we have many valuable items in our phones like many important phone numbers and even more important pictures which are of your memories and your specials. Well, if it ever happens to you that your phone falls into the water due to some reason, then you do not need to take much tension because today we are going to tell you what to do when the phone falls into the water so that your The phone should be saved from malfunctioning as well as your important data is also well received back.

Mobile falls in the water ? No need to Panic , do these steps immediately


Let’s know that if your phone ever falls into water by mistake,

then first of all, take it out of the water as soon as possible, in fact some smartphones have waterproof coating due to which they remain protected in water even for a few seconds. In such a situation, if you also have a phone like this, then you do not need to panic.

However, you do not have to be completely unwell, but you should turn it off as soon as possible after removing the phone from water. By doing this, it is beneficial that the power supply of the phone is turned off and there is no disturbance in its circuit etc.

After this you have to remove everything from the phone such as its battery (if it is to be removed), SIM card, memory card, stylus, case, cover etc. everything. After doing so much, now you wipe the phone with a dry cloth and dry it so that the phone is not damaged much. For this you can take the help of dryer or you can close it in a dry bag and leave the phone in rice for about 48 hours.

Before this time, do not take the phone out of it to see if it has started running .However, let us tell you that after making all the efforts mentioned here, it is not necessary that you will get the phone right after going into the water. Yes, this kind of effort can be saved from going bad.


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