These mobile phones are used by our leaders , modi, obama etc.


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Mobile phones have become the need of every person, whether it is a common man or a big leader uses all the smartphones. However, all have their own smartphones according to their own preferences. But today’s article is about the world’s famous leaders You are going to tell about who you hardly know about.

5. Donald Trump

The World’s Most Powerful Country US President Donald Trump uses Apple’s company’s iPhone. it is America’s most famous smartphone manufacturer, whose phones are preferred worldwide. Apple is known for making premium mobile phones.

4. Rahul Gandhi

India Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi also uses the Apple company’s iPhone. However, it can not be said which model of the iPhone they use, but often Rahul Gandhi has been seen using Apple’s phone.


3. Barack Obama

Barack Obama, who has been former President of America, runs the Z10 model of the most different BlackBerry company. BlackBerry is a premium smartphone manufacturer whose smartphones are equipped with attractive features. Blackberry phones are used by many people in India.

2. Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through a digital campaign, brings new plans to encourage people to do smartphones and related tasks. They are not behind anyone in the same smartphone use. IPhone is used. According to experts, Narendra Modi uses Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

1. Kim Jong

Korea’s dictator Kim Jong used the smartphones of many different smartphone makers HTC. I HTC is considered to be a premium smartphone maker company. HTC smartphones are widely preferred in countries outside.

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