Modi and Kejriwal held a road show in Ahmedabad today, the voters are confused by the campaign and promises of both.


Chief Election Commissioner of India Rajeev Kumar also appealed to the voters of Gujarat to vote enthusiastically. Smt. P. on behalf of Election System of Gujarat. Bharti thanked Rajiv Kumar and the Election Commission of India for their guidance and support. The first phase of polling was concluded at 5:00 pm today.

As per the preliminary estimates, the polling figures for 89 seats are still coming in from many places in the districts. The exact percentage will be known late tonight. According to preliminary information, in the first phase in Gujarat, it has been reported that villagers have completely boycotted voting in Dhrafa of Jamnagar, Samot of Narmada district and Kesar village of Bharuch district.

There was a demand for separate polling stations for men and women in Dhrafa village of Jamnagar district. There is preliminary information that villagers have boycotted voting for this reason. In Kesar village of Bharuch district, the villagers boycotted the election due to lack of basic facilities.

Samot village in Dedyapada constituency of Narmada district has a total of 1625 voters. There is preliminary information that the villagers have boycotted the polls regarding regularization of pressure in an agricultural land of Samot village. The administration has repeatedly explained to the villagers that this is a matter of policy and requested them to vote, but it has been learned that the villagers abstained from voting.

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