Modi ji Good news for private jobs , know the new rules benefits


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These new rules apply to those who work in private jobs, as you all know that due to lack of employment, most people are taking care of their family by doing private jobs, and if you also do private job, then to do private job New rules have been applied to those, so what are these new rules.

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Also read them –

● Now registration will be compulsory –  if you have to do a private job,

then it will be mandatory for you to register.

Previously it was compulsory to register you to do a government job, but now registration for private job is also necessary.

● Employees will not have the right to remove – , the company in which more than 100 private employees are working,

now those companies will never have the right to remove their employees,


in fact, if there is any change about any private employee.

So he must first get approval from the central government,

after that the company can remove the employee.

● Salary will be available even after you leave the job – , if your job is lost,

you will get 90 days salary, now under the scheme of Atal Insured Persons Welfare Scheme,

Modi ji Good news for private jobs

you will still get 90 days ie 25% of the salary of three months will be credited to your bank account.

● Now private employees can also avail pension -if you also want pension like government employees,

then if you are a private employee then you can also take advantage of a scheme,

in fact, the scheme launched by the government, National Pension System Through NPS, if you are above 30 years, then you can take advantage of NPS scheme.

For private job owners, this may not be good news, but Modi government does something for the public but does good, how did you like the information, if you liked the information, then like it and share it.



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