Mosquitoes bite not everyone but these people more, this is the reason for being the favorite victim

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Mosquitoes Bite Reason: If someone feels that mosquitoes are biting you and not anyone else, then do not think that you have an old relationship with mosquitoes, but there are some scientific reasons due to which you become more prone to mosquitoes. Let us know which people are bitten by mosquitoes more and what is the reason behind it.

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Just like we choose our food according to our choice, similarly mosquitoes also like their prey and bite those people more. There are some things in our body that attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like to bite the body of a certain kind of things.


Many times you must have heard that only those whose blood is sweet are bitten by more mosquitoes, this is also true to some extent. Mosquitoes like to bite people of certain blood types. Some research suggests that mosquitoes bite more people with O blood group.


Mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of the body. This does not mean that those who apply perfume are bitten by mosquitoes, but the smell of certain types of body attracts mosquitoes. Body sweat contains a variety of compounds such as ammonia and lactic acid, whose smell attracts mosquitoes.

Metabolic Rate

Mosquitoes bite more who have a higher metabolic rate. Pregnant ladies have a high metabolic rate, so they are bitten by a lot of mosquitoes.


Where there are more bacteria, there are more mosquitoes. This is the reason that there are more mosquitoes in the dirtiest places. According to a research, mosquitoes bite more on our feet because the chances of getting bacteria in the feet are more.

carbon dioxide (CO2)

Mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide gas. The longer one exhales, the more carbon dioxide is released. Mosquitoes like to bite such people

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