Most of these items are stolen in trains, know how you can prevent the theft of your valuables?


Who doesn’t travel on trains? Almost everyone does. The Ministry of Railways is making swift efforts to prevent incidents of theft in railways. Theft and crime are being reduced by adopting all methods. No matter how much success is achieved, these types of crimes become almost impossible to control completely. Vigilance is the best remedy for this.

Railway Police (Railway Protection Force RPF) is also on alert. You can see policemen giving all the advice while traveling in railways. Even on the platform, the bravery of railway police personnel is often in the news. Can be seen in the video. People never get tired of appreciating.

The streak of theft in railways is not stopping. Crores of rupees are stolen every year. In such a situation, mobile phones are the most stolen while traveling in railways (theft of mobile phones in trains). Many times, while warning the passengers from the Railways, it is said that mobile phones are stolen in most cases of theft. It is believed that 80 percent of cases of theft of goods in railways today are of mobile phones only.

In today’s mobile era, everyone has a mobile and with it a charger. Everyone has a smartphone and almost everyone has to use their charger on the train while traveling. That is why most thefts are happening now.

Your mobile can be protected from this theft. The most important thing is vigilance. A conscious traveler takes care of his belongings as well as the belongings of those around him. Apart from this, along with seating, it also takes information about unclaimed baggage. If any unclaimed item is found, immediately inform the concerned personnel stationed in security. However, security of your belongings is your own responsibility. So what can we do to avoid theft?

It is often seen that people keep mobile phones on charge in trains. It happens that the phone remains on charge and many passengers fall asleep. Railway police people already warn people not to make such a mistake, but even after this some people forget to charge the phone. Phones of such people get stolen. Because a thief waits for such a mistake.

How to avoid mobile theft in train?

This type of theft can be easily prevented. You put the phone on charge. Now in such a situation, if you download some such app (anti theft mobile app) from google playstore in your phone, the alarm goes off when the phone is disconnected from the charger and does not turn off immediately even if the thief wants to, then the thief can be easily caught. . If such apps are downloaded and set up properly, theft can be prevented.

These types of apps are easily available on playstore. However, some other work can also be done by this type of app. You have to screen before downloading the app. If you know about the services available on the app, you will be able to use them better. So worry less about your phone next time you go on a train journey.

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