MSK Prasad said on controversy with Virat Kohli, sometimes did not like to see each other’s face


Former team chief selector MSK Prasad often Virat Kohli ( Virat Kohli has been criticized for being under pressure in front of) and Ravi Shastri. Prasad broke his silence on the matter for the first time. He told that sometimes he used to get so deaf with Virat-Shastri that he did not even talk to them. 

During a conversation with, MSK Prasad said, “I often used to get confused with Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri . In the end we are all professionals. We are all working for the betterment of Indian cricket.” 

MSK Prasad ( MSK Prasad term) was finished after the World Cup in 2019 year. He is also known for giving opportunities to stars like Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant in international cricket. 


MSK Prasad said, “If you were among us debate ask that type. Sometimes we didn’t even want to see each other’s face after the meeting. It is their specialty that the next day everyone used to be together in the meeting. He used to respect our points on the basis of merit.

“I have been a management student. I know how to manage things. People wanted me to publicly accuse some people. Why should I do this when I know we are like a family.”

MSK Prasad ( MSK Prasad ) said, “In my house we have been liked and not the decisions of other members but can I say publicly anything against them.”

Virat Kohli ( Virat Kohli ) and Ravi Shastri ( Ravi Shastri ) will tell you that there was fierce debate over what kind among us. Because the debate between us never came in public. It does not mean that we bowed down to them. Who knows that we got him to talk to us on many issues.


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