This person gets the highest salary in India , see amount


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Mumbai: In today’s era, it is a common complaint of the working class that they do not get salary according to their work or according to the market. Low wages and job insecurity are the biggest problems faced by both private-sector workers. But in today’s world, there are some who become billionaires only by paying salaries. Today we will meet with one such person. Murali K. Divi has received a salary of Rs 58.80 crore in 2018-19. This includes both salary and commission.

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Thus, Murali Divi has become the highest-paid employee of Indian pharmaceutical companies. Out of the salary they have received, Rs 57.61 crore has been paid as a commission. Apart from them, The Division Laboratories has paid the company’s Executive Director NV Raman Rs 30 crore and Murali Divi’s son and full-time director Kiran S Divi for Rs 20 crore this financial year.

According to the Salana report of the Division Laboratories, Murali K. Divi’s salary has increased by 46.30 percent over the previous year. Murali received a salary of Rs 40.20 crore in the financial year 2017-18. He received a commission of Rs.39 crore in his salary. The company has achieved revenue of Rs 5,036 in 2018-19 and has a net profit of Rs 1,333 crore after paying tax.

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