Muzaffarnagar – Thousands of cash stolen by entering milk dairy in Khatauli, thief caught in CCTV


Khatauli. Despite CCTV cameras being installed everywhere, the vicious thief entered the milk dairy and stole thousands of cash. The dairy owner has given a complaint against the unknown thief and demanded action against the police.

According to the information, Ajay Kumar Juneja has a milk dairy in the main post office street. Before closing the dairy on Monday night, Ajay Kumar went for a walk till the nearby road. During this time, a thief entered the dairy and went berserk after collecting the cash of thousands kept in the drawer of the counter.

Ajay Kumar returned after a few moments and went home after locking the Juneja dairy. Ajay Kumar informed the police after coming to know about the theft on opening the dairy on Tuesday morning. After getting the information, the police came to the spot and searched the footage of about half a dozen CCTV cameras installed in the dairy. In the footage, the vicious thief who entered the dairy and carrying away the cash is clearly visible. Police has assured Ajay Kumar to arrest the thief soon and send him to jail.

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