CM Yogi to Nath city corridor will take shape from Bankhandi Nath


Bareilly. In the link of making a religious corridor in the dream project of Chief Minister Yogi (CM Yogi), now there will be a conch shell from Bareilly to Nath Nagri corridor. Its shape will start from the Bankhandi Nath temple. To bring the Nath Corridor to the ground, on Tuesday, Commissioner Soumya Aggarwal along with IG Dr. Rakesh Singh, President Joginder Singh, BDA Secretary Yogendra Singh also reviewed the contact routes leading to Bankhandi Nath Temple. The commissioner has instructed the officers of the tourism department to prepare a DPR soon in this matter. So that the Nath Nagri Corridor can be given a concrete shape soon.

Five thousand meters of government land near Bankhandi Nath temple will be developed for public facilities

During the inspection of Commissioner Saumya Agarwal, it was found that Bankhandi Nath Temple has 5000 meters of government land. The commissioner has given instructions to develop public facilities in 5000 meters of land keeping all the facilities in the temple in mind. In this, from drinking water to shoe stand, benches will be constructed for sitting. Due to this, the devotees coming to the temple do not face any kind of problem. Apart from this, instructions have also been given to improve the approach roads to the temple and to arrange dazzling lights on them.

The auspicious time is coming out after May 29, the construction of the corridor will start

Commissioner Saumya Agarwal told that the construction work of Nathanagri will start within 10 days. Inspection has been done regarding this. The tourism department is preparing its DPR keeping all the possible aspects in mind. The program will start in a grand manner in the Muhurta.

In this, talks have also been held with the office bearers of the Bankhandi Nath temple committee. He has been told that whatever construction work he is getting done. Get it done according to the design of the Nath Nagri Corridor Project. So that there is no variation in the construction of the Nath Corridor. Do the construction work by making harmony.

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