Netherlands will now be vegetarian, for what reasons it is staying away from meat

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Netherlands: There is a country in the world where 90% of the people are carnivores Still, the surprising thing is that here you guys are keeping distance from meat. We are talking about the Netherlands. With the decision made in the Dutch city of Haarlem, it looks like the Netherlands will turn away from meat. The Netherlands has indicated that meat consumption should be reduced by all means.

Actually, let us tell you that in view of the increase in meat production in Harlem, it has been decided to ban the advertisements of meat. After this decision, many people are praising him, but there is a section of farmers who are very upset. In such a situation, what happened suddenly that the Netherlands is now distancing itself from meat, let us understand through this article.

first city in the world

In this city in the Netherlands, it was decided that in 2014 all public advertising of meat in Haarlem would be stopped. Thereafter, advertisements for meat will not be visible in buses, bus shelters, public hoardings or other markets. According to many reports, it is believed to be the first city in the world which has taken such a concrete step against the advertisement of meat. The purpose behind this ban is to reduce the desire of people to eat meat and reduce the consumption of meat. Although there is no talk of banning meat yet, only its advertisement is being talked about.

Due to which this decision has been taken

Meat is widely consumed in the Netherlands. According to a report, 95 percent of Dutch people eat meat and 20 percent of them cannot live without meat every day. Looking at these figures, the government is trying to reduce it as much as possible. Now this question must be arising in your mind that why such a decision is being taken. The people of the Netherlands have become very aware of climate change. This decision has been taken only on climate change. For a long time, there has been a debate on climate change in the country and how meat is changing the climate. In such a situation, such a decision of the Netherlands is being welcomed all over the world.

what do scientists say

Many experts and scientists have linked the non-vegetarian diet to climate change, who believe that meat affects the world’s carbon footprint. In addition, according to the United Nations report, the meat industry and animal husbandry are considered to be the largest major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, many studies have also shown that global food production is increasing the problem of global warming.

Let us tell you that forests that absorb carbon dioxide are cut down for grazing animals, there is a lot of loss of trees and plants. In addition, the fertilizers used to grow fodder are rich in nitrogen, which contribute to air pollution, water pollution, climate change and ozone problems. Methane gas released from more animals is also increasing rapidly and it is a greenhouse gas.


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