Never consume these 3 things in the morning breakfast, your weight can increase soon


According to the Nutritionist, after breakfast, a better breakfast after the regular retirement is better for metabolism. If you go to the gym or exercise, then you must have a light and nutritious breakfast half an hour before exercising, so that your energy remains throughout the day. Here you are giving such information, which along with being nutritious and tasty, can be prepared easily.

Bread is eaten mostly in Indian homes, but let me tell you that overeating of bread not only hurts your health but also increases your weight. In such a situation, try to eat brown bread instead of white.

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Such foods have to undergo ripening many times. Also, due to the oil, spices and ghee, they are also not good for health. You should stay away from chips, popcorn, dry fruits, snacks, etc.

Cake and cookies use ghee and cream in addition to fine flour, which is not at all true to your fitness, so you should not eat these things for breakfast.


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