Never use Mobile during your morning walk otherwise you will have these disadvantages


In this new era, everyone has got used to using mobile phone. Nothing is possible without mobile. As soon as you wake up in the morning, first of all pick up the phone and check new notifications. Even while doing morning walk, people do not stop using mobile. If you also have a habit of mobile while walking in the morning, then it can be very dangerous for your health.

muscle pain
While doing morning walk, we lower both our hands up and down. In this process, the entire hands and muscles are exercised. According to experts, when we walk by holding the mobile in one hand, then there is an imbalance in our muscles. This can cause muscle pain.

Posture does bad
Our body posture gets spoiled due to continuous use of phone while doing morning walk. The spinal cord should always be straight while walking. By using mobile, all our attention remains on it and our spine does not remain straight. Walking like this for a long time spoils your body posture.


maybe back pain
Walking in the wrong way for a long time spoils our body posture. In this case it could be the cause of the problem. Therefore, ignore the use of mobile while walking.

concentration is over
While walking, all our attention should be on our body only, but, due to the use of mobile, this is not possible. Our attention remains on the mobile, due to which the concentration of the mind ends and we do not get the benefits that could have been obtained by exercising.


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