Nirav Modi, who ran away with 14,000 crores, only 236 rupees in one account, being dependent on pie-pie


New Delhi

Fugitive Nirav Modi had swindled around 14,000 crores and fled abroad. But now he has longed for pie-pie. Nirav Modi had defrauded Punjab National Bank of Rs 13,540 crore. Presently he is in UK jail. Even in jail, he is managing his expenses by taking loans. It is being told that Nirav had to borrow money to pay a fine of 150,247 pounds (about Rs 1.47 crore). Crores of rupees scamster Nirav Modi is having such bad days that only 236 rupees are left in one of his accounts. Only Rs 236 is reportedly left in a bank account of Nirav Modi’s Firestar Diamond International Pvt Ltd (FIDPL). Kotak Mahindra Bank has transferred an amount of Rs 2.46 crore from this account to SBI as outstanding income tax. Also paid a part of the total dues to Union Bank of India and Bank of Maharashtra. After these payments, only Rs 236 is left in the company’s account.

Liquidator demands release of money
Now the liquidator appointed for FIDPL has once again sought the release of the money from the special court. In August 2021, in action under the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, the court directed claimant Punjab National Bank to release the money to FIDPL through the appointed liquidator.

Banks did not accept the order of the court
Responding to the liquidator’s plea, the special court had last week directed Union Bank of India and Bank of Maharashtra to comply with the old order within three months and transfer the money to the liquidator’s account. The Court said that it is clear that Union Bank of India and Bank of Maharashtra acted arbitrarily and did not comply with the orders of the Court. The court said, ‘ED has also requested to allow this application. In fact that order was (from 2021) binding on all the respondents. Therefore, there was no need to file this application for issuing directions to the respondent. Court did not issue directions to Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Only 17 crores were deposited in the liquidator’s account
The liquidator said that it had informed Union Bank of India to transfer the amount lying in the company’s account. It is alleged that the bank did not respond to the email. He further said that the bank transferred only Rs 17 crore to the liquidator’s account, but did not transfer the remaining amount. It was alleged that the balance amount was not the exclusive security of the bank and should have been transferred to the liquidator.

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