No need to buy an air conditioner for every room, cool whole house with just one AC


As the scorching afternoon and sticky summer season are at their peak, it is a necessity to have air conditioners in people’s homes and offices in crowded cities. However, you have a lot of options including window air conditioning units, air coolers and split ACs.

If you probably want air conditioning, you have three options to cool your home – central air conditioning, window air conditioner and portable air conditioner. If you do not want the hassle and hassle of setting up a window unit, you can buy a Portable Air Conditioner. It is quite easy to set up and can be transferred anywhere. That is, if you buy only a portable AC, then you can use it in the whole house by moving and you can cool the whole house.

How does portable AC work

Portable air conditioners generally cool the warm air of the entire room and spread it throughout the room. Its unit expels hot air through a tube attached to your window. This also helps the units to maintain comfortable moisture levels. Users can then control things like fan speed and temperature.

Portable air conditioners are an additional option for window units, although they are much easier to set up and are generally more compact, so you can transfer the unit in or out of the room without any effort. Here we are talking about some portable air conditioner units that can be easily transferred to your home and designed for portability…


Best portable air conditioner

The Frigidaire portable air conditioner comes with a remote. It comes with a timer option, along with dehumidifying and air suspension features. It offers three different fan speeds and can cool rooms up to 350 square feet. This model weighs just over 62 pounds and comes with sleep mode.

Cheapest portable air conditioner

The no-frills portable unit of Amazon Basics can cool up to 400 square feet of room and is much cheaper and lighter (weighing just under 52 pounds) than other models. This air conditioner comes with an LED display with a remote control so that users can set the speed, cooling level and timer.

Power saving air conditioner

A Blue Star 1 ton portable AC comes with the latest features for office cabins and small rooms. High-performance AC rotary compressors are specifically designed to provide maximum cooling using less power. Its anti-freeze thermostat is a safety feature that keeps it safe.


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