No one is ready to give a house on rent to Urfi Javed in Mumbai, stating the reason, the actress expressed her pain. urfi javed


Urfi Javed Not Getting House On Rent: TV actress and social media sensation Urfi Javed Sometimes because of her strange fans, sometimes because of her statements, she always dominates the internet. Urfi Javed has once again come into limelight, although this time the reason is different. Urfi Javed is facing difficulties in getting a house on rent in Mumbai.

This has been disclosed by Urfi Javed himself. He has shared a post on Twitter and has told that he is having trouble getting a house on rent in Mumbai, no one is ready to give him a house. Urfi has given the reason behind this.

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What did Urfi write in the tweet?

In this tweet, Urfi Javed wrote, “Muslim landlords do not want to rent their house to me because of the kind of clothes I wear, Hindu owners do not want to rent me because I am a Muslim. I get threats because of that some landlords have problems. It is very difficult to find an apartment on rent in Mumbai.

Users gave such reactions

After this tweet, Urfi Javed has once again come in the headlines of social media. Twitter users are also reacting to this post of his. One user commented, “This is wrong.” Another user wrote, “Stay strong.” Another user commented, “Karma.” While another person wrote, “Why don’t you buy your house.”

Urfi was seen wearing a dress made of dustbin bags

Significantly, Urfi Javed often keeps sharing photos and videos on social media wearing strange clothes. Recently, she has posted a video on Instagram, in which she is seen wearing a dress made of dustbin bags. Urfi is also in discussion about this dress of hers. Let us tell you that many social media users like such strange clothes, while many troll Urfi fiercely.

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