Not Fresh Chapati but Stale Chapati is also very good for health, Read here


If we ask you to eat stale food then you will get angry. People like to eat freshly cooked food. Doctors also say that avoid eating stale, but do you know that there is such a thing that if you eat stale, then you get a lot of benefit. The amazing thing is that Basoda worship is also done at many places in western Uttar Pradesh. There is an emphasis on eating stale rotis. The biggest reason behind this is that stale rotis protect from all diseases. There is a practice of eating stale roti in all the areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Earlier, many modern people considered eating stale roti as cowardice, but now even medical experts have started to believe that stale roti is very healthy.


Naturopathy expert Sachin Patil says that in naturopathy, emphasis is placed on eating stale bread to avoid all diseases. Sachin says that eating Stale Chapati with milk keeps blood pressure under control. Soak the stale roti in milk for a while. Eat bread soaked in milk in the morning breakfast. By doing this, the blood pressure will be under control. Apart from this, stale roti is very beneficial for the patient of diabetes. Eating stale roti soaked in milk for 10 to 15 minutes at any time of the day keeps sugar under control. Not only this, eating only plain roti without vegetables without soaking it in milk also benefits a lot. Even if your body is thin, you should eat stale roti. Stale roti is very effective in removing leanness. Apart from this, dry roti is also very beneficial in removing acidity constipation.


In this case, dietician Anshul Tandon says that like fresh roti, Stale Chapati is also very beneficial for health, but keep in mind that roti should be made at night and eaten in the morning. Doing more than this can also harm health because after a particular time, the roti starts getting spoiled. So start eating stale roti from today itself but keeping in mind the time.

Anshul Tandon said that it should also be kept in mind that the most benefit is only of roti made from wheat flour. Stale roti is sometimes suggested even in malnutrition. Anshul Tandon said that now the winter season is coming but when the summer season comes, keep in mind that stale roti also saves from heat stroke. It should not be ignored as stale.


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