Not only basil leaves, its seeds are also very beneficial for health, many problems related to health will be removed

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Tulsi is easily available in all the houses. Prefers to plant it in the patio or pot, the Ayurvedic and religious importance of this plant is very high. Tulsi is considered a treasure of medicinal properties, using its leaves has many benefits in health, it provides relief from problems like cold, cough and cold. But let us tell you that basil seeds are very beneficial for health, they contain many nutrients. Elements are found in it. Protein, fiber, iron etc. are present in it. So let’s know about these tremendous health benefits of consuming basil seeds.


Due to the strong immunity of the body, we are saved from many diseases and infections. But from today’s time most of the people have weak immunity, so many people try many ways to strengthen their immunity. But Tulsi to strengthen immunity. Its seeds are very beneficial, for this, make a decoction of basil seeds and consume it, it strengthens immunity.


Often people are troubled by problems related to stomach or constipation, acidity. In such a situation, basil seeds are very beneficial to get rid of this problem. For this, put basil seeds in water and wait for it to bloom. Now Drink this water with seeds, it cures stomach related problems. Apart from this, those people who want to lose weight, those people should consume basil seeds, it reduces weight quickly.

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