Not only India , these 6 countries are also occupied by China ,Know their names


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Not only India is the victim of China‘s expansionist policy, but China is occupying the land of many countries of the world. According to the information received, China has 22 thousand 117 km long border with 14 countries. According to a report, there is some kind of border dispute of China with all these countries. China considers all parts of the country’s borders to be its own and wants to occupy it. Expansionary policy of China is not good with any neighboring country.

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Not only India ,these 6 countries are also occupied by China ,Know names

Let us tell you that 6 countries in the map of China are East Turkistan, Tibet, Inner Mongolia or Southern Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. These are the countries that China has occupied and consider it as their share. China is also occupying 43 thousand square kilometers of land in India and they consider many parts of India as their own. In this era of Corona epidemic, China along with America is increasing tensions from Japan, India, Taiwan and Vietnam.


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