Not only wrong eating habits, these 5 habits of yours also increase blood sugar. – ..

New Delhi: People think that eating too much sugar or rice only increases blood sugar (blood sugar spike). People hope that making small changes to their diet will keep their blood sugar under control, but there are many other factors besides diet that can increase blood sugar levels. Along with you, some of your habits also increase your blood sugar but unknowingly we do not pay much attention to those habits. Let us know about the five habits that increase blood sugar-

skipping breakfast

By not having breakfast, the cortisol pump gets activated and controls the blood sugar level, due to which the blood sugar level also increases. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid hormone, which is also a stress hormone that converts proteins into glucose.

Like skipping breakfast, consuming coffee at breakfast increases cortisol levels. Drinking coffee even before breakfast is not beneficial in any way. Drinking coffee reduces appetite. Consuming it at breakfast may further delay the actual breakfast, which affects the body’s circadian rhythm or body clock. Due to this the blood sugar increases rapidly.

not seeing the sunrise

Seeing the sun rising in the morning slowly starts the body’s circadian cycle and cortisol levels also increase easily. Apart from this, drinking coffee increases this level suddenly, which affects the blood sugar level. Sunrise contains a lot of red light, which causes the mitochondria of cells to use glucose faster and lower blood sugar levels.

eat immediately before going to bed

Insulin sensitivity worsens as the day progresses. This means that our blood sugar response worsens from morning to night, especially after a heart attack. Therefore, it should be understood that as the sun sets, the ability of insulin to work also starts decreasing. In such a situation, eating immediately before sleeping increases insulin.

screen time before bed

Blue light increases cortisol levels. Almost all screens used before sleeping at night, such as laptop, TV or mobile, emit heavy blue light. Using these blue lights after sunset has a negative effect on our body. Blue light increases cortisol as well as blood sugar and insulin levels.

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