Nothing new to hear! Father spits on daughter’s head while going to her in-laws house, strange is the tradition of seeing

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Masai Tribe Marriage Rituals: Marriage is an intimate subject for many people. Everyone has some or the other desire for marriage. Different customs are followed in marriage. People of different religions, castes, sects try to preserve their own traditions. However, there is such a tradition. You will also feel awkward after listening to this. However, this tradition continues to this day. (Maasai tribe father spits on daughter’s head after marriage rituals Marathi News)

The Maasai tribe lives in Kenya and Tanzania. At the same time, after the daughter’s marriage, fathers have to follow a peculiar custom. The people of this tribe follow very peculiar traditions. After saying goodbye to his daughter, the father spits on his daughter during parting and leaves Maihar’s house.

In India too, marriage ceremony is celebrated with pomp. Various events like Dhol Tasha Team, Haldi, Sangeet are organized. Such a program is not seen in Kenya and Tanzania. Traditional practices are valued in this economically very poor country.

Meanwhile, when the girl is sent away, the father goes from house to house and spits on her head. Masai tribe marriage ceremony is the most special ritual performed in the marriage ceremony of the people. Every father wants to get it done. In this society it is believed that marriage is not complete without it.

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