Now change the name of your bank branch sitting at home, know

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Desk : In today’s time it is not a special thing to have everyone’s account in the bank. In India, it is very common for people to shift from one city to another due to education, job or other reasons. In such a situation, there is a lot of trouble due to not having a bank account in that city. Due to the home branch being in the old city, individuals are not able to do many related to the bank. To avoid all these troubles, you can change the branch of your bank.

You can change your branch through netbanking in SBI and PNB: SBI and PNB customers can change their home branch with the help of internet banking. Both these government banks also provide the facility of changing home branch to their customers. To change the home branch, it is mandatory for the account holder to have internet banking facility enabled. The customer should have Internet Banking User ID and Password. If the customer has not yet started the facility of net banking, then in order to change the home branch, the customer will first have to go to the bank and start net banking.

How to change bank branch in SBI: If you are an account holder of SBI, then first you have to visit SBI website to change home branch. After that login to internet banking. After this you will click on the option of E service. Here on the left side, you will also have to open the Transfer of Savings Account section under the Quick Links tab.

A new page will also open with you. In the newly opened page select the savings account to be transferred. If there is only one savings account in SBI then it will get selected automatically. After this, enter the code of the branch where you want to transfer your account and also click on the option of Get Branch Name. Here you will see the branch. You will also see the rules on a page. After reading this you submit it. For this you have to fill all the information correctly. A message will also be received on your mobile number, by entering it you will complete your branch change request.

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