Now everyone can buy BMW , these cheapest model of BMW


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BMW is a very big luxury car manufacturer in India. BMW has launched its very affordable car in India to increase its customer base. The name of this cheapest car of BMW is X1. The price of this car is Rs 22 lakhs. BMW has left behind Mercedes in terms of sales in India. The company has said that it is increasing production in the Chennai plant.

He made eight thousand cars this year, but before that he made 5400 cars in a year ago. The company has claimed that BMW X1 will prove to be India’s most hit car. BMW India’s president, Andreas Shaf, said that a thousand orders of BMW X1 have been booked. BMW’s 3 Series and 5 Series cars sell the most in India.

BMW will sell 2,220 cars and 2030 cars of 5 series of its 3 series by November this year. The BMW car will have both petrol and diesel engines. The price of this car’s petrol engine car is Rs 22 lakhs. Variants are available in the diesel engine of this car, the cost of the first variant is Rs. 23.9 lakh and the second variant is worth Rs. 29.9 lakh.


This car has been assembled only in the factory of Chennai. BMW has increased the rate of 60% in India. The report of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers has revealed that by November this year, BMW sold 5,345 vehicles and Mercedes sold 5,109 cars.


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