Now keep your skin young in the rain by using these home remedies, Know how


To take care of your skin in the rainy season, you need to take special care. Because in this season the makeup does not stagnate and due to the effect of the weather, the skin also becomes moister. For this reason, you have to prepare and apply some home face packs.

Tomato face pack

To bring the glow to the skin in the rainy season, you have to apply a tomato face pack. For this, you mix one spoon of honey in one spoon of tomato juice and wash it when the face dries well. This will bring a lot of glow to the face.

Use milk


You can use milk to bring a glow to your skin during the rainy season. For this, apply milk on the face through cotton at night and when it dries, go to sleep and wash your face the next day in the morning. This will give a wonderful glow to your skin.

use of rice

To remove the blackness of your skin, you can prepare a scrub by mixing rice and honey. For this, take an equal quantity of rice and sesame seeds and let them soak in water overnight. Before bathing in the morning, apply it while scrubbing the skin and when it dries, wash it off.

Use Multani Mitti –

You can also use Multani mitti to enhance the glow of the face. For this, prepare a face pack by mixing Multani mitti in honey and apply it to the face. When it dries, wash it off with cold water.


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