Now Remove your Permanent Tattoo with these 5 easy ways


The craze of getting a permanent tattoo has started increasing rapidly among youngsters. But seeing the same tattoo everyday, he gets bored very soon. But more pain is in removing it than getting a permanent tattoo. Yes, it is surgically removed with the help of a machine. But the tips of grandmother and grandmother have always been effective. They never hurt. Similarly, now grandmother’s tips will help in removing your permanent tattoo too. So let’s know how to remove permanent tattoo at home in easy ways-

1. Lemon Salt – Lemon has bleaching properties and salt contains sodium chlorine. Mix both in a bowl. Take half a teaspoon of lemon and half a teaspoon of salt. Mix both. After this, write it on the hand for a while and keep it. After this, rub them with light hands with the help of cotton. The color of the tattoo will become lighter.

2. Apricot Scrub and Salt – To remove the tattoo, some different methods will have to be adopted.
Take equal quantity of Apricot Scrub and Salt and mix them well.
After this, keep them on the tattoo for 15 minutes. After this the color of the tattoo will start to lighten. Use only one in a week.


3. Honey, Curd, Salt and Aloe Vera Gel –
These all
Take half a teaspoon of the ingredients. If your tattoo is small, reduce the quantity. After that mix everything well. And then put 15 and keep it. Just rub it with light hands for 5 minutes. Gradually the color of the tattoo will start to lighten. Use it continuously. Only then will soon you see the difference.

4.Salt water – You can also remove tattoo with just salt water. For this, moisten the sponge by putting it in salt water and paint it with light hands. Keep doing this continuously for three days. You will get rest. Don’t rub hard though. By doing this the skin may peel, the skin may become red. Use continuously for 3 days then repeat the process after 3 days.
5.Lavender Oil – Lavender oil also gives good results. Take a cotton and keep rubbing it with light hands. Use 3 times a day. Keep doing this for 1 week. You will get relief in few days. The stain will start to lighten. Lavender oil also helps in removing sunburn marks, bruises, redness.


Although this is a home remedy, try a little before applying it on the entire tattoo. After that remove the tattoo. If you start feeling burning in a little, then only after discussing with the doctor, do home remedies.
do treatment. This can also cause you skin reaction.


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