Now the QR code will be on the gas cylinder, all this information will be available by scanning, the trick of cheating is over

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Do you also feel that the domestic gas cylinder that you get lacks gas? If yes, then your tension is about to end. Because now there will be a QR code on the LPG gas cylinder. It will have complete history including cylinder weight and expiry. All this will start in 3 months. According to a report, QR code will be given on domestic LPG cylinders to prevent fraud. This QR code will have all the information related to the gas cylinder.

There will be a QR code on both new and old cylinders

This will help prevent diversion of the cylinder. This QR code will be visible on both new and old cylinders. The metal sticker of the QR code will be affixed on the old gas cylinder. There will already be a QR code on the new gas cylinder.

The process from QR code to bottling to distribution will be transparent

With the help of QR code, domestic LPG customers can easily know in which plant the LPG cylinder that arrives at their doorstep was bottled. Who is its distributor? Indian Oil says that this QR code will in a way be the Aadhaar card of every LPG cylinder. This will make the process from LPG cylinder bottling to distribution transparent.

Cylinder life is 15 years

Significantly, LPG cylinders used in homes are manufactured on the basis of BIS 3196 standard. The life of these cylinders is 15 years. During this the LPG cylinder is checked twice. The first testing is done on completion of 5 years of the cylinder and the second on completion of 10 years. At present there are about 30 crore domestic LPG consumers across the country. Out of which only IOCL has about 15 crore consumers. About 50 percent of the 300 million consumers have two cylinders.

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