Numerology 2023: Know lucky number and auspicious color of Wednesday, May 24


Astrology News Desk: According to astrology, the auspicious number of any person can be known according to the date of birth of that person, which we know as Radix, the sum of the marks of date of birth is called Radix, so today we will give you the basis of Radix. Going to tell how your day is going to be, so let’s know.

1. Today’s day can start in the best way, there can be a decrease in work, you will get vehicle happiness. Short and thick journeys are being made, lucky number 12, lucky color is lemon.

2. The day can remain normal for people associated with job and business, you will get a chance to participate in a religious program. Money expenditure may increase. Lucky number is 5, lucky color is pink.

Work on 3. plans but be careful how you spend money and how much you are benefiting from it. You can spend time with father and family. Lucky number 6, lucky color is green.

4. Today can be a normal day, you would like to do something special for your loved ones. You can also get some good news from relatives today. Lucky Number is 1, Lucky Color is Pink.

5. You may feel affected by any recent loss or loss. Today is a good day to strengthen family relationships. Lucky number 56, lucky color is brown.

Today you can get a chance to participate in 6. religious works, you can do charity work, you have security and emotional understanding from the family. In this case, take care of it. Lucky Number 2, Lucky Color is Cream.

7. Today will be the day of your dream flight. Your dreams can give you knowledge, there may be a shortage in work, take care of your health. Lucky Number 11, Lucky Color is Purple.

8. Today is going to be a great day from a creative point of view, you can also discover the secrets that keep you busy, legal matters will be resolved. Lucky number 7, lucky color is red.

9. The most beautiful moment in life is when your family starts considering you as a friend and your friend as your family. You can get progress in work. Lucky number 18, lucky color is gold.

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