Obesity is increasing due to thyroid, so include these things in your diet immediately

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Thyroid gland is located at the back of our neck and it controls the metabolism of the body.


But if there is a condition of hypo thyroid in this gland, then the person starts becoming fat very fast, in such a situation if you are also going through the problem and want to lose weight, then with the right lifestyle, you can lose weight easily. Today we tell you which foods can help you reduce your weight.


1 Iodine controls thyroid hormones and helps in thyroid gland function, so if you want to lose weight, include iodine in your diet like salt, fish.


Due to the lack of vitamin D, inflammation starts in the body and weight increases. Include in them, because of these you will get plenty of vitamin D.


3 Thyroid patients should consume apples, berries and avocados because they have been found to have anti-oxidant properties, as well as reduce the damage done to the body due to enlarged thyroid.

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