Oceanography: If these birds suddenly come to the verandah of the house and start chirping, then the benefits would be understoo


Oceanography: Every day different types of birds come and sit around the house. This is a common thing. Many birds come daily while some birds come only occasionally. If the chirping of birds is heard on the verandah or floor of the house in the morning, then the day also starts with a cheerful mind. However, it is no coincidence that birds come into the house and chirp like that. Birds also give auspicious or inauspicious signs. Oceanography describes the presence of birds. Today we tell you which bird’s homecoming is considered auspicious.

When a parrot comes and sits on the roof of the house, then understand that something auspicious is going to happen in your house. It can be said that the parrot comes to indicate auspicious work in the house.

If you see an owl in or around your home, it is also an auspicious sign. Owl is the vehicle of Lakshmi ji. The sight of an owl in the house tells that soon Goddess Lakshmi is also going to come to your house.

If sparrows start making nests in your house, then it is a sign of the arrival of happiness in your house. It is a sign that now your days of distress are about to end and happiness will come in the family.

If a blue throated bird is seen in the house, then it is also an auspicious sign. This bird is the symbol of Lord Shiva. The arrival of this bird is a symbol of the fact that you can get a vehicle or property.

If a crow or a crow croaks on the roof of the house early in the morning, it is a sign that one of your loved ones may come to your house soon.

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