Ola to deliver electric scooters directly to customers’ homes


Ola Electric is preparing to launch its first electric scooter in the coming days. It is believed that this scooter can be named Series S. The company started open bookings for the Ola Series S on July 15 (the reservation amount has been fixed at Rs 499 which is fully refundable) and within just 24 hours, one lakh orders were placed for the e-scooter. The company will deliver its e-scooter directly to the homes of the buyers.

As a new entrant into the scooter business, Ola Electric sees itself as a tech mobility start-up and not a vehicle manufacturer. Ola has taken a different approach than the two wheeler brands.

Using a direct-to-consumer sales model

Ola will use a direct-to-consumer sales model, so the entire buying process will be between the manufacturer and the buyer, eliminating the need for Ola to set up a traditional dealership network. In India, Mercedes-Benz is going to adopt this sales model starting from the end of this year while Tesla is following this model globally.


Ola has set up a separate logistics department to facilitate the direct purchase process, which will provide online processing of documents, loan applications and other related steps to potential customers. This logistics team will see the scooter getting registered and will deliver it directly to the buyer’s home.

While luxury carmakers like Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover have been offering home delivery of vehicles to customers for some time, Ola will be the first to adopt such a model on a large scale.

The scooter will be available anywhere across India

This model mobilizes the necessary resources for Ola to set up a wide retail chain. This also means that the company can meet the demand at any location across India. Whether the order is placed in a metro city or a tier-III city, those looking to buy an Ola e-scooter will be able to do so, as Ola will ensure that the Series S reaches the buyers, irrespective of their location.

Additionally, Ola is expected to open ‘Experience Centres’ (like Ather Energy’s ‘Ather Space’ outlets) so that potential buyers can personally test-drive the e-scooter and take it out for a test ride.


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