This 72 years old gave birth , see oldest mothers of the world


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Women attend menopause around 40 this means that they can’t carry the child anymore but exceptions are always there ,so let’s see the oldest mothers of the world

Daljinder Kaur

This woman now holds the record for being the oldest woman ever to give birth to a child. She was 72 and her husband was 79 when their baby boy was born. It’s highly unlikely to meet such a brave couple in today’s world.


Rajo Devi Lohan

This Indian woman gave birth to her last baby when she was 69 years old! She was long considered to be the oldest mother in the world’s medical history ever registered. The baby is now absolutely healthy.

Elizabeth Adeney

She is the oldest mother in GB who, at the age of 66, gave birth to a child. The mother feels fine and the child has not suffered in any way. Elizabeth is now a frequent guest on many TV and radio shows.

Adriana Iliescu

Another woman that the world should be proud of is a Romanian old lady. At the age of 66, she was waiting for triplets to arrive but only one baby survived. The child is now the most loved daughter in all Romania.

Maria Del Carmen Bousada De Lara

A Spanish woman lied to doctors by telling them that she was 55 years old. After the truth was revealed that she was 66, it was too late to do anything. She gave birth to 2 children, but she then died less than 3 years later.


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