OMG! In the country that has enslaved the world, people are eating the meat of squirrels! , Russian state TV channel claims B


Britain Food Shortage: The countries that enslaved the world are hungry for food in Britain. In such a situation, a government TV channel of Russia has made a very shocking claim. He says that the people of Britain are being forced to eat squirrels.

People eating squirrel meat in this country!

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Britain Food Shortage: There was a time when Britain was considered to be the most powerful country in the world, because it had enslaved almost the whole world, but now it is being claimed that there is food shortage in this country. The country is facing a relatively short supply of some vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Some people have blamed Brexit for this shortage, while some say that the crops in North Africa have completely failed, due to which the people of Britain are facing food shortage. meanwhile Russia A government TV channel has made a very shocking claim. He says that the people of Britain Squirrel Being forced to eat.

This shocking claim has been made by Olga Skabayeva, anchor of a talk show ’60 Minutes’. Recently, he said in his show that due to ‘shortage of food’ British restaurants have started serving squirrels. Apart from this strange claim, Olga has also lambasted Britain for helping Ukraine in the Russo-Ukraine war. He quipped that the British people are going to eat squirrels as well as supply arms to Ukraine.

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How is the situation in the Russia-Ukraine war?

More than a year has passed since the Russia-Ukraine war, but the fierce battle is still going on. Both countries are not ready to back down. There is no exact information about how many people have been killed in this fierce war so far, but some reports say that till now more than three lakh people have been killed on both sides in this war. Many reports also say that more Russian soldiers have died in the war than Ukraine.

Which countries are in support of Ukraine?

According to media reports, Ukraine is getting help from more than 80 countries in this war, including Britain and America. Ukraine is getting deadly weapons and missiles from these countries, which it is using in the war against Russia.

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