OMG! Rejected 82 lakh rupees but did not remove the mask, the tech giant played a strange task. steve kirsch offer woman remov


Weird news in hindi: Imagine you are traveling somewhere with a mask on and the passenger sitting with you offers you 82 lakh rupees to remove that mask? You must be finding it a bit strange to hear, but this incident is absolutely true.

Received a strange offer to remove the mask

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Corona pandemic has taken the world Mask Price is mentioned. Told how you can protect yourself and your family with this small thing. When people did not have the medicine for Corona, we used to save ourselves with the help of this. Today booster dose of corona has also been applied but there are many people who still wear masks but Duty Do you have to remove the mask for a few seconds and in return you get 80 lakh rupees, what will you do?

You must be finding it strange to hear, but one such offer American industrialist and veteran tech tycoon has given a similar offer to his co-passenger during the journey traveling with him… but can you imagine that the woman’s What would you think about the offer? Most of the people must be thinking that the woman must have said yes to the offer… If you also think so, then you are right because here the woman was rejected so much money and refused to remove the mask.

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Sharing this whole incident on Twitter, Steve Kirch wrote, ‘I was traveling in the first class of the Delta flight … A woman was sitting next to me and she was wearing a mask.’ On this I told him that you are traveling and there is no use of wearing your mask. But the woman refused to do so. After this I tried a lot to convince her but she did not agree. After that I started making offers to him. But all my offers failed in front of him.

Kirch first started the offer with $ 100, after which he did not agree, then he kept increasing the offer and finally offered $ 100,000 (Rs 82 lakh). But she did not agree but there came a time when she had to remove her mask to eat food. Kirch shared this entire story on Twitter. On which people are giving their respective reactions. If someone felt bad about this behavior of Kirch, then someone said that the woman should accept this offer.

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