On one side there is talk of ceasefire, on the other side Israel issued an order to vacate Gaza City | israel gaza city hamas do

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The troubles of the people living in Gaza are not going to stop. For the last four days, Israel has been continuously attacking the place converted from a school to a tent in Gaza. In which many people died and many were injured. After which Israel has now issued a decree due to which the people of Palestine cannot even breathe a sigh of relief. While on one hand there is talk of ceasefire, on the other hand the Israeli army has issued a decree in Gaza.

Israel has issued an order to the people living in Gaza City to vacate Gaza City. The Israeli army is conducting an operation in North Gaza, during which the army issued this order. Leaflets were dropped on Gaza City through aircraft, on which it was written that everyone in Gaza City is instructed to leave the “dangerous war zone” through safe routes. It was also said that two roads should be used to go towards the south with the help of Deir al-Balah and Al-Jawaida. These two routes were said to be safe.

UN said it is necessary to protect the people

After this order issued by the Israeli army, the United Nations said that it is extremely worried about this order. The United Nations also said that this will only increase the problems and difficulties of Palestinian families. The UN said that in this war that has been going on since last year, Palestinian people have been forced to leave their homes and cities many times to save their lives. They have been displaced many times so far.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric said, “Civilians must be protected. This is the second time since the war began that Gaza City has been asked to be evacuated. In the past, the Israeli army has attacked schools saying they thought Hamas terrorists were hiding in the school.

How many people live in Gaza City?

250,000 people live in Gaza City. These include women and children. It is not easy for so many people to move towards South Gaza at once. On the other hand, talks of ceasefire were going on between the two countries. America, Egypt and Qatar are trying to mediate between Israel and Hamas. America, Egypt and Qatar met with Israeli officials in Doha, the capital of Qatar, in which a long-standing ceasefire agreement and exchange of prisoners held by Hamas for Palestinians held in Israeli jails were demanded. However, now Hamas officials have expressed concern that heavy Israeli attacks across the region in recent days could stop Hamas’s growing progress towards ceasefire.

what did hamas say

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said on Monday that Israel’s increased attacks have again made ceasefire talks dangerous at a crucial time. According to Palestinian officials, at least 38,295 people have been killed and 88,241 injured in the war since October.

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