On the fourth day of marriage, the bride eloped with her lover, left the house on the pretext of giving money in the beauty parl


Punjab News: The newly married bride eloped with her lover on the fourth day of marriage in Ambala, Haryana. The bride had made a complete plan before eloping. Not only this, jewelry worth lakhs of rupees and cash of 85 thousand were also taken away from the bride. On February 15, the bride was married to a young man from Rajapur village in Punjab. The husband has demanded action against the wife by giving Tahrir in Mahesh Nagar police station. Husband said, now she (wife) has left him after ruining his life.

The young man told that on February 15, he was married to a girl from village Kardhan. He reached Kardhan village at 10 am on Sunday. They were going back to their village Rajapur after taking a detour from here. When he reached Prabhu Premapuram (Mahesh Nagar), his wife stopped the car and said that I have to go to the beauty parlour.

The young man told that his sister-in-law had also gone with his wife but there was already a young man standing on the bike. His wife fled taking the young man on the bike. His sister-in-law was also surprised. He informed this to his father-in-law. The young man said that his wife had stolen all the jewelery and Rs 85,000 from the house. The ornaments included earrings, forehead tikka, necklace, choker, bangles and rings. Mahesh Nagar police station has registered a missing report and started investigation.

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