On the night of Diwali in Savarkundla, it is as if a war is going on between India and Pakistan


In Savarkundla, on the night of Diwali, there is a scene as if there is a war going on between India and Pakistan.

The tradition of throwing fireballs at each other has been going on since the royal days and sportsmen are having fun by burning these balls in their hands and throwing them at each other in Savarkundla… In Savarkundla town of Amreli district this game has been played for years and it is called Ingoria war……. This Ingoria war between Savar and Kundla has been established years ago in those areas and the Ingoria war was stopped for two years amid the hard times of Corona but this year the people of Savarkundla have completed the two-year struggle today by throwing Ingoria on each other and enjoying Diwali. The colorful nights of Diwali were enjoyed only in the battlefield of Savarkundla when this Ingoria means fireballs are thrown at each other by holding fireballs in the hands and thrown to destroy the opponent and in this Ingoria war till today no one gets burnt or any kind of injuries. Although it does not happen, services such as fire fighters and ambulances are available through the municipal system and charitable organizations and the police system also allows Ingoria sportsmen to play the game, so that the enthusiasm of the sportsmen doubles. Now this game is played from Devlagate area to Gandhi Chowk and the police system provides security between the athletes playing this game.

Haresh Vora dysp-Sawarkundla, along with police officers and police personnel including PI Virani, was on the way to go to Home Guard. The only game of throwing fireballs at each other is the Ingoria War which is played only at Savarkundla and is also an incredible sight to behold.

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