Online Dating : Don’t Make these mistakes while dating someone online


Online Dating: Many things are changing with the passage of time. Technology, Internet and social media have become so powerful that online dating has become a new trend. In earlier times, expressing your love was a huge task.

Boys and girls could not share their feelings with their love partners. He used to take many years to do this, sometimes it used to happen that he could not even speak anything to his lover and his love remained incomplete. But now it is not so, or there is friendship on one click and breakup on one click.

If you are also dating someone online, then you need to be a little careful. Recently, there have been some cases in which boys and girls have been caught in big trouble due to online dating. Here we are not putting any doubt in your mind for your love partner. Rather asking you to be a little alert. Today we are going to tell some tips which you can follow and keep yourself safe.

1- Avoid giving too much information about yourself

It is often seen that after two or four days of talking, you tell everything about your love partner, you should not do this. Because sometimes your partner can take wrong advantage of all this.

2- Always meet at a public point

Whenever you go out on a date with your partner, always meet at some public point. Do not go out alone with any unknown person and do not go to any place where you do not feel comfortable.


3- Share your location before going on a date

If you are thinking of meeting your online partner, then where are you going and with whom are you going before this. Tell this to a friend you trust. If anything goes wrong with you then it can be easily caught by the person you went on a date with.

4- Arrange your own transport

If you are going to meet your friend, then while commuting, keep in mind that from where and which vehicle you are using. You arrange it yourself.

5- Always alert yourself

Always keep yourself alert while doing online dating. Don’t get so lost in someone’s love that you and your family have to bear the consequences.


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