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Online Fraud: Fraudsters find new ways of cheating everyday. By taking advantage of people’s carelessness, hobby or greed, they pick pockets of people. Now the miscreants are promising to earn lakhs of rupees by auctioning old notes and coins. There are many sites related to buying and selling of old notes and coins on the internet. The special thing is that these fake sites are using the name or logo of RBI to cheat people. RBI has now advised people not to fall prey to such offers.

The Reserve Bank of India says that it has nothing to do with the auction of old notes or coins. RBI does not do this. If someone is doing such work in the name of RBI, then he should be complained. If someone wants to sell old notes or coins, he should read the RBI guidelines.

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Greed to earn lakhs of rupees
These days online and offline such advertisements are going on, in which greed is being given to earn lakhs of rupees by auctioning old notes or coins. Many sites are actually using the name of RBI for this purpose. They represent as if they are authorized by RBI to do so. When someone approaches them to auction old notes or coins, the miscreants demand money in the form of fees, commission or taxes. Many people have lost their money by falling in their trap.

Has appealed to the people not to use this online platform in the name of RBI. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has clarified that no organization, company or individual has been empowered to auction notes or coins and collect transaction fees. People should avoid this kind of fraud. If a person asks for commission in the name of RBI instead of auctioning notes, then the common man can also give his information to the cyber cell.

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