Optical Illusion: 3 apples hidden among tomatoes, find it in 10 seconds


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This optical illusion has been created by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas. The artist has hidden 3 apples somewhere among the many tomatoes in the picture, which you have to find and tell in 10 seconds.

Did you see the apple?

Image Credit source: dudolf

on social media these days optical illusion A flood of pictures has come. In which something is hidden and netizens are challenged to find it. This sounds easy to say, but when you brain teaser If you are asked to find the hidden thing in it, then you will also sweat. That’s why they are not called optical illusions. This is actually an illusionary picture. The artists design it in such a way that the challengers cannot easily overcome the challenge.

Today we bring you another fun optical illusion test, in which three apples are hidden among a lot of tomatoes. Its creator has made it so cleverly that you will not be able to find it without an eagle eye. Say that Turram Khan, who claims to have sharp eyesight, will also ask for water in front of this optical illusion. So let’s see how sharp your eyes are and whether you can find the hidden apple within 10 seconds. So your time starts now. Look carefully at this picture and tell where are the three apples.

Did you see the apple?

By the way, let us tell you that there are some optical illusions that most people fail to solve. In such a situation, to crack it, people have to run the horses of the mind a little faster. Usually people get tired of seeing such riddles and give up. But we’re sure you’ve found the apples.

If you still haven’t seen apples, let us help you find them. If you look at the bottom and right side of the picture except for two lines, you will see the hidden apples. If still you do not see apples, then below we are telling the solution of this puzzle with a picture.

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