Optical Illusion: Potato is hidden among the bear, what did you see? You only have 10 seconds. Optical Illusion Can You Spot T


Have you seen potatoes?Image Credit source: Bright Side

Optical Illusion For IQ Test: Optical illusions are usually images of an object, painting, sketch or shape-shifting, which requires the brain to solve the mystery. Research has shown that an optical illusion appears differently to many people at the same time. Meaning, every person is looking at him with different thinking. This is the reason why many people get caught in the illusion and give wrong answers. Today we have brought such a picture for you, seeing which your head will spin.

Today’s optical illusion test is a tricky puzzle. Although it has been designed for children, but in solving its knot, the elders will break sweat. You must be seeing a lot of bears in this optical illusion. Some are slaying the style while some are brimming with swag. But there is a potato hidden somewhere in the middle of them. The illusion artist has hidden the potato at such a place that people cannot see it easily. The challenge is that you have to find and tell that potato within 10 seconds.

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Have you seen potatoes?

Potato Optical Illusion

Image Source: Bright Side

Now take a close look at the picture of the optical illusion given above. Then try to identify the potatoes hidden among the bears. Since the artist has made the bear and the potato almost of the same size, it is not easily visible. Potatoes can seem difficult to locate. But when you look from the bottom left, you will be able to see the hidden potato.

Optical illusions are designed to trick our mind and eyes. Sometimes what we are seeing is not actually there. Wherein, the one whom we ignore, is actually given the task of finding him. So tell us if you saw that potato.

Potato Illusion Answer

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