Overeating is not the main reason for obesity, then know why weight increases rapidly


Due to overeating, obesity does not increase as fast as it increases when we include these things in the diet.

Overeating is not the main reason behind Obesity: When it comes to obesity, one of the many reasons behind it is considered to be overeating. There is no doubt that overeating repeatedly for a long time leads to weight gain, but there is another reason that causes this problem. It has been found in research that when someone takes more fatty food, then whether he overeating or not, but he has the problem of obesity.

What happens by eating fatty food?

If you are constantly on a high fat and oily diet, then it disturbs the body clock of the brain. This affects our overall health, the way hormones work and appetite.


When the functioning of the brain deteriorates, then the person is not satisfied even after eating food and he keeps on demanding more food.


Avoid high fat diet

If you want to keep the weight under control, then make fundamental changes in your kitchen. Do not use too much oil and ghee in the food of normal days, nor keep deep fried items in the menu every day.

If this type of food is eaten on the day you come here, then even if you eat it within the limit, it affects your body clock, due to which your brain is not able to give signals of hunger and stomach filling properly.


The result is that no matter how much you eat, your mind does not get filled or food keeps going on in one corner of the mind all the time. Make your regular diet healthy, only then the rest of the problems related to weight will come under control.


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