Pakistan got chills after G-20 conference was held in Srinagar, Bilawal Bhutto again spewed venom about India


Muzaffarabad. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has once again spewed venom while chanting the Kashmir tune. Bilawal Bhutto has expressed displeasure over the G-20 conference organized by India in Srinagar.

Bilawal said in an interview in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) that India is taking wrong advantage of its G20 presidency. Bhutto said that this was such a diplomatic incident that Pakistan would never forget. Bilawal had earlier said something similar in the Provincial Assembly of PoK. India is hosting the G-20 summit in Srinagar from May 22 to 24. However, China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia decided to distance themselves from it.

Bilawal said in Muzaffarabad that India is not hesitating to project its arrogance and Kashmir issue on the international stage. In August 2019, India abolished Article 370 in Kashmir. After which Pakistan suspended trade and diplomatic relations with India. It is being considered as an achievement of the G-20 conference.

Bilawal said that India is misusing the presidency of the G20 to advance its agenda. If the Government of India thinks that by organizing a conference in occupied Kashmir, it can suppress the voice of Kashmiris, then it is totally wrong. He said the people of Kashmir have been demanding freedom and Pakistan stands with the thousands of civilians killed in the Kashmir conflict. According to Bilawal, by hosting the G-20, India has put the participants of the European Union and 19 top economies of the world in a very awkward position.

Bilawal, while addressing the provincial assembly on Monday, termed Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘disputed agenda’. Bilawal had said that the UN had talked about a plebiscite here. But India has not given this right to its citizens even today. According to Bilawal, today India has converted Kashmir into an open prison where Kashmiris are forced to breathe under the shadow of fear. If they are to be believed, thousands of Kashmiri people have been killed and many are missing. According to Bilawal, Pakistan wants good relations with India. But these relations can move forward not by keeping away from the Kashmir dispute but by resolving it.

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